The company needs a system to calculate the charges for each load that they deliver. The loads consist of up to 10 different types of goods. Each item has an associated delivery charge. The system will allow the user to select up to 10 lines of goods and a quantity for each line of goods. It should then calculate the total delivery charge. It must add 20% VAT to this net total and show the gross total as well. The system should show a total number of items as well as the delivery charge. It must recalculate in real time (i.e. as soon as a quantity is entered or changed the totals should recalculate). There should be a facility to enter the delivery date and address as well. The delivery date cannot be entered as a date that has already passed.

I need help with the coding part:-(

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Sorry, but we are here to help, nothing else.
If you wont show any effort, we cannot show it too.

And if you are a bit of a programmer, you can easily do something, it seems a easy task (if at least you know something about coding).
So, whats it gonna be?

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