does anyone know how to make reports in become a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

well first you have to select the reporting tool to make reports , like crystal reports , telerik reports , and also active x report etc , then google that how to make the specific reports , after this you will be able to make reports you want to create.


if ur r using professional than see whether u have the crystal report installed in ur machine...then u will be able to get the crystal report viewer and will also be able to make the reports easily....

It really depends on the type of report.
You can make one out of just about anything (text, csv, xls, Crystal, others).
If your report generator is a stand-alone executable (console app for example), you can use the wndows scheduler to make it run at any given time.
You can set it to run multiple times per day or once per week or various other intervals.

I generate a multitude of various types of reports and I have never used Crystal.
...the latest one being something that queries an Oracle database and generates a weekly or monthly report and outputs it in Excel format (and delivers it/them to groups via email).
It will either run on the first day of the week (covering a range of all of "last week") or the first day of the month (covering a range of all of "last month").

i'm using cystal report..and my problem is on how to make it a daily, weekly and monthly basis

What data do u want to show in ur report??? and based on which date....

for example audit trail and if the user chooses the daily report it would only show report for the current day and same with weekly and monthly

you can use different reporting tools like Reporting services, crystal report ,component one report etc.

yes i'm using crystal report and my problem is on how to make it a daily, weekly and monthly basis

for this u will have to make three different reports and based on the input in the crsytal report u can get the output...

eg if u r passing todays date as a parameter it will show the current date report...

for week u need to select a start date and add 6 days to it and then show the report on weekly basis....

same condition will be for monthly report ....

try to create a crystal report then u can ask for how to proceed with it....

You could also have parameters that take an interval that will produce the daily, weekly, monthly.
If your report is SQL based and the SQL takes a date range, you can prompt the user for the date range.

If it is the daily report and you prompt the user for one date, you can feed that date in as the start and end ranges (maybe modifying the time inside the date object to be 00:00:00 at the start and 23:59:59 at the end).

i had already made a report and my report is audit do i set the parameter?

Is your report SQL based?
Do you use date/time to get the data for the report?

my database is i don't use date/time

i already added date/time with my report? what am i gonna do next?

make a filter such as datetimepicker, what ever user choose a date or month it will filtering data in database based on it

This is just for ur reference / knowledge

I will tell u what I have done....I had to generate a bill report based on Appointment...the column AppointmentDate in my Access database was a date/time datatype...

So to create a paramenter....u have to first make the report set and then

  1. Right click on Parameter Fields in ur Crystal report Field Explorer -> New -> GiveName to parameter and Set the type as Date

this way a parameter will get created....

Now to link the paramaeter with ur database....while setting the report u must have added the table to cyrstal report right???

so know

  1. Right click on the cyrstal report -> Report -> Selection formula -> Record
  2. A Report Selction Formula Editor window will be opened
  3. Map the parameter with the database in my case {Appointment.ApptDate} = {?fromdate}

where Appointment is tablename, ApptDate is columnname and ?fromdate is the parameter created....

this way u can create parameters for all the three of ur reguirements and call it in the form load or button click event where u want to call the crystal report

Hope it helps u....
If u need any help be free to ask... :)