Hello everybody please tell me How to format a write protected usb .
we format in windows 98 and windows xp and we use a ghost bootable CD and try to formate in boot time But
it cannot formate. i know many virus in my usb but when i attach his to my
computer then
they will open automatically and the virus tranfer to my system when we delete any file
we show an error
please tell me any solution thanks


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If it is physically write-protected, then you are SOL. If it is software write-protected, then you should be able to disable the write-protect settings.

hi check your device carefully, Any lock key in the usb? If the lock key int the usb is moved then the usb drive could show write protected. Or your device is affected by MALWARE virus. For virus you can download RKILL and try with this.

we try many formating tools & write protected usb format softwares but
we cannot format my usb .
first we format in windows xp & 98
we use a ghost bootable cd
change settings in regedit and disable write protected
but cannot work any trick any software
please tell me a best and strong Idea to formate my usb Drive
please for god say

try this....

Link Anchor Text ...

if doesnt work..try format again and in format process, u cancel it..after that go to computer and formt yr usb...

we use this software but it cannot format drive
I think we use 10 software usb formate but no action
we want to a strong idea and Best way to format this

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