I have downloaded the J2SESDK and installed it. It is the bundle pack that comes with NetBeans. However when I run the installation only the directories for the 2 are created and there is nothing in there. I haven't a clue if thats supposed to happen but I'm guessing no. So when I tried the hello world test. I came up with this for the coding :

public class HellowWorld
    public static void main(string args[]);
        System.out.println("Hello World");

My error is a pathfile one.

Error : Invalid path, \bin\javac.exe -classpath "C:\Program Files\Xinox Software\JCreatorV3LE\MyProjects\New" -d C:\Program" Files\Xinox "Software\JCreatorV3LE\MyProjects\New C:\Program" Files\Xinox Software\JCreatorV3LE\MyProjects\New\HelloWorld.java 

I have no idea how to fix as there in no \bin directory in my JDK folder. In fact...like I said earlier, there is nothing. Like no installation took place. Any help?

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In most cases the bin lurks here:


Just to check if things are working compile and run your program from here. If things are looking good then you can think about setting your paths correctly. There is a lot of info showing you how to set up your paths correctly- read it!

Btw java is case sensitive, so that typo - HellowWorld would cause some problems if you were compiling it from the command line like so:

javac HelloWorld.java

Try this even

Thanks. I installed a earlier edition and it worked. All the files were there. Apparently something incompatible that made the installation not...install. Thanks for the help. :)

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