Please i need to generate report for my application and i don't know how to go about it.pls i will appreciate if u can help

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Are intending to use Crystal Reports for it or do you want a simply, ad hoc solution (coding yourself)?


Mech, you have my deepest condolences. Generating reports is not easy or a pleasant task no matter what you do. I have a dislike for Crystal Reports so I decided to code myself using the printdocument and graphics objects. OMG! It's like doing a rewrite of MS Word. You have to program for line breaks and wrapping. There is no 'newpage' command so you have to count lines, characters, spaces, etc. They could have greatly simplified things but it's almost as if they wanted to make it as hard as possible. You might try MS Reporting Services. That might be easier. I believe anything you try; you're gonna have trouble. I hope I'm wrong.

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