Hello, I have just recently begun the move from Java (beginner) to C++ and have found an interestng project I would like to develop which should teach me some great c++ code.

Encrypted Console Journal

  • Text File Encryption
  • File IO
  • Date && Time System Retrieval
  • Text File Formatting
  • Text File Searching
  • Data entry that involves pressing the return key without c++ ending the cin >>

Pseudo Run Through:

  1. Menu: 1. New Entry, 2. View Entries, 3. Edit Entries, 4. Exit.
  • 1:

            User enters journal text, enters a flag to save.
            System date and time stored and saved at the top of the text file:
            [System Date][System Time]
            [Journal Entry Number]
            [Journal entry...]
  • 2:

            User is prompted to enter the Date DD/MM/YYYY of the journal they wish to view
            Text File searches for that date, if it exists, display, else error message and re-prompt.
  • 3: 
            **same process as 2** once it is found:
            some how give the user the ability to edit the text on the screen, then re-save it.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction as to how I could achieve this? How would you approach this project? Biggest problems: Searching, Formatting, Allowing Paragraphs of data to be entered in one go.

Many thanks.

commented: Thank you very much +2
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