hi! everyone. please could you give me some** great project ideas in C language**. Projects which deliver a practical solution to a problem . At the same time ,could you give some advice on how to start and end it perfectly.


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c database connecivity which is very rare why cant u try that.applications like calculator


ok.. go for a language translator. it is one of the best project where you can do as much as u want. thanks.


I'll put my two cents in by repeating my earlier recommendation in a similar thread: Try walking through the process outlined in Scheme from Scratch. It is a few weeks of work for the basic implementation, but it is always possible to continue refining it.

If that's too much right now, try making an implementation of Conway's Game of Life cellular automata. A simple text implementation may take only a few hours, but there are endless ways to elaborate upon it, especially if you implement Gosper's HashLife algorithm. It's also tremendous fun if you haven't played around with it before.

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