Ive been handed a project for my studies asking me to make a ordering system for a theoritical restaurant. The system itself will run on a stand alone machine (platform not specified). The system requirement itself isnt too tedious, listing them down:

  • When an order is created, its status is new. When an order is new, the person taking the phone call can use the pay-order function to change the status of an order from “new” to “paid”.
  • The system is operated by an administrator (=admin, hereafter) of the restaurant.
  • The system manages the COES transaction records.
  • When you input an order, you also need to input the date the order is created. The date format is like “2012-07-25”.
  • There is a new function called “sales summary”, which will create and display a sales report.
  • A sales report will show the number of orders as well as total value of orders on everyday when at least one order occurred in that day. The report will also show the summary of sales of all days.

Its very trivial, however now that the pre-documentation has been completed and its come to the implementation stage (my bit) I have to choose a development language and also come up with good reason.Im not here to get my 'homework' done but I am seeking advice on out of my three most preferable languages which I should go with:
Java , C++ or Visual basic

Thanks appreciate any advice

I should mention that the criteria asks for an object oriented language where I design the classes to be implemented, and can produce diagrams,etc.

The choice and reason are both trivial: pick the language you're most comfortable with, because it's easier to stand up a working project quickly when you're not fighting with your tools.

commented: Thanks and yea I totally agree with your statement +0