Hi all,
I am using vb.net2003. I have one solution and different projects under its. But, I don't know how to declare a varibale for many projects and use it?
Can anyone show me how to do it?

Thanks and regards,

Example for string.

Dim sample as String

There are lots of data type and you can do some research..

      HI Friends,
      For entire Application you can define like pubilc v_name as string 
  in code file and for particular class you can define like public v_name as string and for particular function you can define like dim v_name as string 

HI Friends ,
You can define vvariable

Hi brylle and vasim,

Thanks for your information.
I understand the vairable is declared in "Module.vb" and can be used in multiple form. But, this method can't be used and shared between multiple projects. So, I get the problem for this issue.
Do you have any better ideal?


Please see the attached file, that is my sample "Solution porject".

you can declare it globally..

Public sample as String

in your Module.vb

global variable only can be used under same project. If you have multi-project and you want to share a data or variable between them, we can't declare normal way.
So, I am finding a way how to do it.

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