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I want to know how i to write code for IVR. Is there any site from where i can get help. Is VB.Net a good language for it or not. Can anybody tell how can i make an application that can store what i speak.

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vb would be fine for this i think. but you shouldnt expect very much info regarding this technology on the net as i doubt it is a very popular thing to program as open source, expecially in vb.
if i was doing it tho, i would get the directx sdk and use directx for the sound input and output, which should give you a lot of control over the sound, which vb has no built in sound controls i believe. and you definitly need nothing less then sql (get the msde) for storing data.
good luck

First of all thanx for your adivce but the main thing i m thinking is how can i store the value of button that the user wil press whilee talking on the phone for example suppose a user call us we will give various option now he presses 1 from his phone noww how can i retrive this value please advice alsoo tell somee good site from where i can get help in its programming.

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