Hi All,

We are planning to write automation script to install oracle. Can you please let us know is it possiblw to
write any script for the above requirement,if yes please share your thoughts.


Oracle is a complex piece of software with a lot of options. Scripts are generally worth the effort when you have to do a task many times. I can't imagine you'd be installing that many Oracle servers. I would recommend against using a script simply because of the number of options you would have to program.

Having said that, you might first check to see if Oracle supports an "answer file" during the installation. Some packages provide this facility. You create the answer file with all of your install selections then feed it to the installer.

Another possibility is AutoIt. This is an excellent scriptable (and free) package that I have used intermittently for years. It has its own scripting language or you can create a vbScript using the AutoItX control. I have done both. It also comes with a windows explorer application which allows you to get information from the app you want to control (like the names of buttons and other controls).