I am a fifth year student and I want the idea of a graduation project in the field of programming and design
Either software or Web

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This boils down to:
I'm a male person. I want to continue my life with a woman partner, but I cannot find one. Please provide me one.
There are some things in your life you got to do for yourself!

commented: TRUE THAT ! and if you don't have ideas for a project after 5 years of IT maybe you should pay more attention in class... just saying +4

You could go with an obvious route and perhaps try to create a social networking site that focuses on something you're interested in? Unless there's quite a few of them already.

If not that, try and think of something that you personally have problems with. Is there any way for a web/software based solution to help you with it?

Hope you get some ideas soon :)

How about you come up with a new software that can compete with adobe and microsoft?


I suggest you to develop a very useful system. The goal of this system will be to answer to question such as “I am a student in … and want an idea of a graduation project in the field of ...”.

The system will use a database containing worlds related to the field, such as “database, factory method, concurrent, web server, Sylverlight, Linux, webcam, speech recognition, ASP.NET ...”.
It will randomly select 5 of these items and Google them. Then it will analyze the results and determine if some interesting idea come out of it.

commented: Like!!! +14
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