does have a 3d pie chart?
or can i possibly use a 3d pie chart on

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Yes, in the chart control is an option for 3D. Here is the MSDN article, that dicusses charts, including 3D.

it said that

If you cannot see the Chart control in the Toolbox, right click in the Toolbox, select Choose Items, and then select the following namespaces in the .NET Framekwork Components tab:



I do what is said but i didnt find the Chart?
does it mean i need to download it?

the chart control should be a standard part of the toolbox. It should be in the Data section of the toolbox. I'm using VS2010 Ultimate, but I think it is standard with the other versions as well.

I think i didn't install the full package so i need to download Chart Control in here
Thanks for the reply :)

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