We all have been on facebook and also appreciate its beauty.
Now here is the point. I am developing an application in VB.NET which also implements the functionality of account management.

I have added a menustrip to handle various operation of account and now I want to add a menu "Settings" which will have Submenus as "Account Settings" and "Logout".

Now Here is the problem I am facing.
I Am not able to add Menu at the Extreme Right Until I have Enough Menus on Menustrip. And I Cannot Add Pads to it.


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Add another menustrip. Enter the properties for the items collection. Set the layout to Top, Right. Add a menuitem. Set the alignment property to right.this will give you a menustrip with a menuitem on the right hand side of the form.


@tinstaafl: You cannot add a new Menustrip. It will Look Ugly.
I Want to add that menu at the Extreme right in the same Menu Strip.


Well that one worked !! Really idea of adding one more menustrip was childish !! LOL

thanks For your help :)

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