this might sound dumb, but oh well
i just want to ask what are the significance and important things to put in mind in deciding the form size of a project because i can't decide what dimensions i'll be using for the current project i'm working on.


As long as it's neat and uncluttered any form size will do. Put too many controls on the form and many people will just get confused. Let the form be resizeable so that users can make it any size they wish.

I alsways ask the client to see what is the standard resolution that is targeted. I then design the GUI around this resolution. Always keep in mind that you are designing for the end user, and never for yourself.

I agree with Ancient Dragon, always make it resizeable.
I've have the bad luck to work with a program designed around a standard resolution (as Begginnerdev) suggests and it's always causing me troubles because the programmer disabled the scroll bars (!) for some reason and if your resolution isn't at least the one he was working with, you get all the controls of the form, except the ones that actually make things happen.

commented: Always* and yes - I make sure to design for the smaller resolutions. The smallest I have worked with being 640x480. +7

Bringing up the issue of always keeping it resizable, I dont see the point if your project is small, unless you make everything resize with the form. In which case I never figured out how to do.