I need to create a project using C#.
I must think about something linked with the word puzzle.
If anyone has any ideas i am here to see them.
Please help me! Thanks in advance!

What comes up in your mind when you think about something linked with the word puzzle
I'm not a native English speaker, but I guess by the word "the" you meant any kind of word puzzle.
That what comes up in your mind is the project you want to make. Success!

You are right ddanbe.
But what comes into my mind when i think about puzzle is some kind of games.
I really need something uncommon.

Way back in the myths of time I was at home and programming this computer.
It had a whopping 16Kb(yes 16384 bytes) of RAM!
If my memory serves me well, I did a word game with some words randomly appearing in a grid. After a time, the words dissapeared and the user(the player) had to write them in the same sequence on the grid. Gaining points.
Looks uncommon enough these days, I guess.

Sounds pretty good to me, it's a great idea!

Start designing and coding then! If it ever turns out to become a worldhit app, I would not reject any contributions you would send me for the idea! :)
If you encounter any problems during your coding, we are all here to help you out. Succes!

Oh man ddanbe, how far we have come with computers right? My rig cost me 2k a fear years back ... I can do lower case characters, full three-dimension ... LOL sorry couldn't help but comment