there is no source code for vb program connected to vb
His example, when there is a change in the dollar against the rupiah or the rising price of gold or stocks rise, so it will automatically be stored in the database comes with its sound when the changes occur.
thanks in advance, please help

if there is please let me know

If I understand what you are asking, then you are wanting a to write a program that checks to see the current exchange rates and store them into a database?

yes.can you help me?

Have you designed your database yet?

If not, you will have to think out what you want to store.

For example:

ID        |   Country

'Data will look like:
'2,Russian Federation

Store the exchange rates along with the dates:

ID         |     CountryID    |     Rate     | Date
AutoNumber | FK to tblCountry | Number(10,2) | DateTime

'Data will look like:
'0,0,12.02,21-05-10 'May 21, 2010
'1,0,14.21,21-05-11 'May 21, 2011
'1,0,16.21,21-05-13 'May 21, 2013

Now, to retreive the rates, you will need a reliable source.

Are you wanting to retreive from a certain source?

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