I've created a program in java and now because I'm also new in java but I know better visual Basic i couldn't complete the program the way I wanted because there are features I find it hard to do so I just completed the main program on java and now I want to create the program that will execute this program I created on java using vb.

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If you use the Process Class You can run any file and windows will use the associated program to open it.

Thanks but I don't know whether that will help me or not but I will try it out, the problem is that the program that I created in java do run when I run it on the IDE but when I try to run it using the CMD it just say unable to start myproject.jar so it seems as if it can't find the project or it fail to execute it I even changed the JRE which was SE to just a pure JRE but this jre it act as an update to the system. The NaviCoder I failed to export the project in a way that it is an executable file it save a project in cpj format.


Sounds like your problem is java not .net

Jea that was the problem I encounted after building the project to a jar formate so when I was doing my research on how can I execute this I found some testing with the CMD but then when I try to test mine it didn't run so I'm now trying to install every java utility on my pc because it also said it can't create a Virtual Machine so I think I have to install the JVM, so when it did run then I will then continue with my project that will execute this jar file in VB but for now I'm trying to solve this problem I will also post the thread on Java forum maybe they can help me run this in a cmd on my computer.

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