DynDNS has recently changed their policy so that if you want to maintain your "free" account you have to login to their site at least once every 30 days. I'm trying to write a script that I can kick off on a scheduled task. I'm not very adept at coding. I found some sample code and have been moving stuff around until I can get it working. I've had great success. I've got it to take the user name and the password, I just can't make it hit the "Submit".

Below is the error I'm getting, if there's a better way than InvokeMemeber I'm open to it. Can anyone have look and see what I'm missing?

Error: Click Here To View


WScript.Quit Main

Function Main
  Set IE = WScript.CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application", "IE_")
  IE.Visible = True
  IE.Navigate "https://account.dyn.com/entrance/"
  Wait IE
  With IE.Document
    .getElementByID("username").value = "testuser"
    .getElementByID("password").value = "Password1!"
  End With
End Function

Sub Wait(IE)
    WScript.Sleep 500
  Loop While IE.ReadyState < 4 And IE.Busy 
    WScript.Sleep 500
  Loop While IE.ReadyState < 4 And IE.Busy 
End Sub

Sub IE_OnQuit
  On Error Resume Next
  WScript.StdErr.WriteLine "IE closed before script finished."
End Sub

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