Hello guys,
Im looking to learn VB from the ground up and wanted to know if there are any in depth informative tutorials online which are free but extensive in content.

Many Thanks for any suggestions


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Start with the source: Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN). This links to the tutorials page.

As far as being "in depth", most of what you need to learn to use VB effectively will be how to use various pieces of the .NET platorm. The platform has enormous functionality, and can't be easily studied in total; you'll find it easier to learn the basics from starter tutorials, then ask specific how-to questions on sites like DanWeb, StackOverflow, Experts Exchange, or The Code Project, where you can either ask for someone to produce an example of what you need (or get help producing it yourself), or you can search for questions asked by other people to see if the previous answers fit your needs.

Thank you very much guys i will get right on it.

Many Thanks


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