hello! im working on a reservation system and im lacking in knowledge about how to use controls properly.
the application aims to show reservations made in a month.

to visualize everything, the application must look like this:

all ive found from the internet are downloadable, customized components. my question is that is there a way
to create this application without downloading such? just using vb controls that all of us are familiar with?

thanks for the response! :D

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ive already viewed that link. it'll get you to a czech site that cant be translated XD


so you are in search of how to add the birthdays etc in the calendar and it pop up when someone b'day or something similar?

Please give the details


it is a reservation system, therefore, the use of the calendar is to graphically present the events that are schedule on a particular day. as you can see on the image ive provided, something is written inside the dates. thats the logic of its use :)

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