Hi there
I need serious help with my software.
Im making a system for an election.
I need to make a login which reads and identifies text from the text file and if it is the correct user name and password then it opens another form. I have to make a textfile which will allow various users to login. Im currently using vb 2010.

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First of all, why are you obsessed with text files ? Do you have any idea how text file will help users to log in ?

Secondly, will be glad to see what you have done till now.


why exactly are you using textfile.Use database to save data. You can use sql server and create database in that.
Now as you want aunthentication system first,so create a table
* User[user_id(Primary Key),email_id(unique),password(encrypt it and save),user_name]

Now to keep track of vote,create a table named vote,
* Vote[user_id,vote,date]

Now your application must have a page to register user and another to login. Only when user is logged in,allow user to vote.


Thanks for the abrupt replies.
Unfortunately my project only requires the use of textfiles. I am not allowed to use ms access or sql. So sorry i didnt make that clear but if you do have any idea of how to use textfiles then please help me.

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