why my web hosting server refuses me to connect to them using vb.net net...i use add new database wizard and i input all the server name, username and password but error keeps telling me Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MYSQL Server...all i wanted is to connect my vb.net app to my uploaded database as well as my little website.but my website is running up good...my project was suppose to be like this...
my website and my vb.net app will be sharing the the same database to inserting and retrieving purposes...they reserve in my site my vb.net will know if someone reserved something to my database...but i cant pull this off...i need help...:(

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but error keeps telling me Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MYSQL Server..

Sounds like you are trying to connect from your local site? Does your hosting provider allow SQL connections inbound from outside their network? some providers do, many dont. check with them.


how is that?..when i go to my web host and go to mysql there is only create database and go to phpmyadmin..after that in my phpmyadmin i cant modify its settings like inbound outbound you just said...do have suggestions for any web hosts that allows these features for free?..because i this is just for my project testing and no business purposes...thank you...

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