I am using following code. It creates a macro button on word menu in Add-Ins tab

Public Sub ShowToolbar()
' Assumes toolbar not already loaded '
    Application.CommandBars.Add TOOLBARNAME
    AddButton "Button caption", "This is a tooltip", 526, "NameOfASubInYourVBACode"
    ' call AddButton more times for more buttons '
    With Application.CommandBars(TOOLBARNAME)
        .Visible = True
        .Position = msoBarTop
    End With
End Sub

Private Sub AddButton(caption As String, tooltip As String, faceId as Long, methodName As String)
Dim Btn As CommandBarButton
    Set Btn = Application.CommandBars(TOOLBARNAME).Controls.Add
    With Btn
        .Style = msoButtonIcon
        .FaceId = faceId 
        .OnAction = methodName
        .TooltipText = tooltip
    End With        
End Sub

I want to assign a recorded macro to created button programatically in vba
I tried a lot but I cant
Can anybody help me
thanks in advance

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