I want to know how can I trigger an event or at least display it in a Datagrid
from database. Here's the scenario:

DateFile  Plate  Driver  EmpID  OdometerBefore OdometerAfter
9/25/2013 ABC123 Jared   00369  4000           8000
9/27/2013 DEF456 John    00246  3000           8000
10/9/2013 ABC123 Jared   00369  8000           14000
10/9/2013 DEF456 John    00246  8000           13000
10/9/2013 BRS345 Noa     00678  5000           10000

I want the 2 cars whose plate are ABC123 and DEF456 to trigger an event where
every 10,000 odometer has been added in they're previous record they are
required to change their cars' oil. Then the next limit will add 10000 to their
previous goal. I was thinking of using "MAX" in Select query but it will add
all odometer records I want only the cars that reach or past the maintenance
requirement which is "for every 10,000 Odometer". I'm using MS Access and Datagridview
I'm curious if it can be done? Even if it just highlighting the latest record
of the car that reached the limit.

tried using sum in a select query and where clause the result all my odometer on a specific plate has been computed but it can't distinct the record specifically like from 9/27/2013 -10/5/2013 a certain vehicle has reach the maintenance requirement "for every 10,000 odometer", that vehicle has already change its oil and from 9/27/2013 -10/5/2013 or earlier than 9/27/2013 should not be included in the computation

to all who are reading this post can you give me some ideas how I can do this I was thinking of having a counter but I have no idea where to start