hi everyone

i need your help, i ave a project where by i have to create a simple mortgage calculator. the problem is that i have to create a login frame where it will redirect me to the main frame which is the calculator.Could someone show me how to switch between the frames

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  • don't to create more that one JFrame, use JDialog with JFrame as parent, and/or with modality too

  • easiest of ways is usage of CardLayout with JPanels as Card, views

  • call JFrame.pack() after Card is switched (note works only in the case there is used LayoutManager, not NullLayout)


Normally I agree with mKorbel, but in this particular case (one-time logon screen -> the rest of the application) I don't. I'd use a dialog for the logon, then dispose() it and hand over the application's main window.


For the sake of variety, I will add that you can have both frames all the time, but switching their visibility using setVisible(); to true or false.

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