I create application (Notepad) and finished too.
Last thing i am missing.
That whenever I open the application 'Adv. Notepad.exe' double click the exe file on desktop
I open with my project file but when i try to open again at that time I just get focus to my main form...
I write this line on
dim advnote as New Form1
Untill I know We can open same form in new window by buttonclick as
Dim n as new form1

But here i am not getting what to do with this?
My efforts in this:
Project folder is greater than 15MB.
exe file: 1.86MB so I upload on third party (I use this as to show my efforts in this)
I try much more but I failed to open...

I try to create this type of things as I am new in programming...
So if someone can then please get me out from this

sorry to post the article as it useless.
I get out with my mistake:
I solved with this. then if posting my mistake:
If someelse have same then he/she can get it so.

Go to Myproject.
Untick the 1 checkbox with "Make a single instance application"
Sorry for this