Please don't mind, my question is very lengthy. Help me.

I have been facing a problem  with my usb for two months. When i copy something from any computer, it copies it perfectly and when i plug my usb in my computer, the files open only in usb's window but do not open in any other folder or partition. it means that when i copy data from my usb to my computer the files do not open in my computer ,they only opens in usb's window. when i try to open file in any other folder, there displays a message: "windows cannot find file svseerinir... type name correctly and try again." Actually  'svseerinir' is a vb script file but i have deleted full vb 6.0 from my computer but despite of it, i faces  a message which i talked about above.

Even that i also deleted my window and reinstalled it. but despite of it i am facing that problem.
one mor problem is that there alway remain two files in my usb named as 'autorun' and 'cvqs'. when i format my usb, it formats perfectly but when i plug my usb again in my computer these files appear again in usb.the second file apears with a changed name. How to get rid of these two files?

To me you sound infected so I strongly suggest that you get at least a latest anti-virus software, but according to your story the virus that is infected to your computer is the virus that changes the open with and it direct it to open from a usb it was set to look no else where but only on usb so I'm not sure how you can get ride of it but first try to get how it is created by searching on google, your problem is not VB.NET related but you are infected so I strongly suggest that or just reboot your computer that how I get ride of it too

Yes you understand right. In my usb types of my all files automtically change into shortcut file.And when i view properties of that file it shows me as follows.

Type of file (.lnk)

Well what I've found out is that this type of virus is located in the root file of a removable like in a mobile phone it is in 'C:\' of a removable and I've managed to trace it but the problem is that I failed to go to the root file of a removable, so I'm still doing a research on how I can get hold of the removable media root file because the file that makes these shortcut is located there and even the antivirus can't detect it they only remove the created .ink files only but not the creator of these files so as the deletion do on this file the creator recreate the file again so it just be pointless to scan and remove using antivirus even the shortcut virus remover they fail to identify the creator or the main virus they only detect the created files which are so as soon as I'm done with my removable media virus remover will then updates you.

ok Thanks for youdr reply. i will wait for your further reply. now one thing i have to ask that now is there need to reebot my computer or not?

Well at the moment I'm highly do recommend that you do so, also from now on till I'm done with this program when you want to open a memory stick or removable media like phone or anything like that you have to use a program called Recuva do not open the removable but just recover the file that you want to copy so that the same virus won't spread again, that program is the best.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have found a solution also. Previously i had copied all files directly on my usb but now i first make a new folder in my usb and then copy files in it. By saving this way virus is not effecting my files .

But remember not to ever plug your USB on that computer that infected you with this virus. According to my finding of this virus it is created by a Greek they also have their website but then it was impossible for me to read because they used the Greek language there, but when I examined this file that is a virus which is a '.vbe' that where I found the address but because is coded with the VB that specialize in '.vbe' extensions. So I'm still working on the way of permanently removing it from the removable.

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