Hey everyone, at the moment I am creating an application which will read in peoples highscores from an external text document, now at the moment I'm struggling to try and get each line from the text file and put it into an array element.

If your unsure what I'm on about the pseudocode would look like this

aHighScore[0] <- READLINE(HighScores.txt, 0)

I want this line of pseudocode repeated for each element and each line of information in the external file (in vb.net). Please can anyone help, thanks.

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You need to post the first few lines of the text file so we can see what the program is to read.

the information in the text file will vary as it is meant to be able to be modified but as of current the first three lines are:
John Smith
Ben Frost
Jane Mitchell

The information can vary but the format cannot. You posted the pseudocode

aHighScore[0] <- READLINE(HighScores.txt, 0)

but your data does not contain a score value. Can you please post some data that corresponds to what you will be reading?

Further questions:

  1. do you need to parse the names into last and first?
  2. if so, how do you handle last names with more than one word?
  3. what about names with more than one given name?

aHighScore is the array, and the 0 after the name of the text file is the line number.
the actual information in the text document is:
sorry got confused with other text file.
1. No if possible I wish to keep each in line into one variable
3. Only their first and surname is asked for

I'm confused. In one post you said the first three lines contain names and now you say the text file contains numbers. Which is it?

according to me, I think you want to create the application which shows you the High scores, and the High scored were be in the Text Document and you want to insert that text from txt document to your application ?
If i am correct than that can be done easily, but when I read the comment from reverred and you then I get confused,

If possible, Put some codes in the comment or images on what you want?

Images will help all of us to understand your article clearly...

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