I have a APG Vasario 1616 USB cash drawer that I would like to hook up to my PC using a USB cable. I would like to make a small app that when clicked will open the drawer. Is this possible?

Sure. However, you are not providing enough information to help. Also, are you sure you own this cash drawer, and aren't just trying to break into someone else's $$? :-)

Yes I do own it. A friend of mine purchased the SQUARE stand with printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner. He only uses the SQUARE unit to run credit cards so he has no need to use the drawer with the iPad.

What other information is needed? I've never developed an app that communicates to a USB item.

Well I'm not sure in VB because I was also looking for the same or similar to that and I've looked on Microsoft POS but it not clear what or how to work with those then I also tried JPOS which is java it also gave me problems till I created my own java code to dispense well my case was dispensing cash out of the dispenser device to the use. But in JPOS I did see the classes with CashDrawer on opening and closing it so I think the easy and quick way is to try check that out and try to see the Methods so that you can write your own class to control the drawer because in Microsoft I didn't find solution and support in this kind of scenario.

Yeah since the cash drawer came with our SQUARE setup, it didn't have anything with it besides the cables to hook it up.

gud question, I have take a look on this at somewhere on this article...
I will find and create it for you,
wait for today.. - I will try my best to help you.

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