Hi, I recently got BCrypt from the NuGet manager. I am trying to find documentation on how to use it in VB, but no luck.

Anyone used this?

Here is the link to the package: http://bcrypt.codeplex.com/

I just need to figure out how to use this in VB.net, if I can't is here any other BCrypt package I can get?


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Since it was written in C# you can't just simply add it to your existing vb.net code. You might try compiling it with C# compiler into a library, then calling and linking the library to your vb.net program. Supposedly you can mix and code written in all the .net languages, but I've not tried it.

How would I do that when the library is already compiled?

oh, I thought you had just the sourcde code. In that case you should be able to link to it the same way you would link to any other external .net function.

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