hi guys

 how to declare boolean for log-in and log-out when i scan the id. anyone can give me an idea.
 ASAP and thank in advance.

Huh? Explain precisely what you are trying to do. What do YOU mean by "scan the id", and how are you implementing the log-in/log-out functionality?

OK, sory

i have the form for login and logout, i need to scan the given id to login and after scanned the msbox will display "you successfully login". Same as where i scan the given id to logout the msgbox should displayed"thank you,goobye".

i think i need to declare condition if it is goin to in or to out.IF the scanned id is already login they need to logout.

and that my problem i can't logout


i don't understand the exact the problem but i guess that the following will be hint for you.

on login button's click

dim xvar as boolean = false
if(id="valid text")then
end if
if (xvar=true) then
msgbox("login successful")
msgbox("wrong id")
end if

however you can do it without using boolean.

on logout button


i've not tested the code but i hope that it will work as hint.

thank @learner010

i will try your suggestion. That's the thing what i need and wanted to do.

mark this thread solved if you get the solution.