Hello as the title says itself. "Help", yeah correct by pressing "F1" key the Help form p[op up, same Form want to create in VB.Net, I google out then I find only that this can be done by importing any HTML File,

Create the HTML File and link your Form with it.

And Now here the worst thing for me is that I don't know HTML. (i know basic only)
and here I have to link each and every page differently. this make me some difficult.

Until I know I can also design the form. but that is not correct way, so I am in search on the correct way that the Help Form can be created.

As for example you can watch this Help Form image (example image is of power iso)

You can use HTML Workshop. It compiles HTML Files into a chm.

Next, I would use NotePad++ to create your HTML help pages.

Both downloads are free. After you create the file, you then can link to it in your project. YOu can read more on that here.

What it comes down to is that you link to the page url within the help file. On the other hand you can do as many companies do (for now) is that F1 just brings up the help file and they can navigate as they see fit.

Does anyone can show me the with video link?
I can not understand that all,
so I will like to watch video so that I can get to my point

I use the same method as Maligui and works for me...
Thank You dude