I already created application,
now I want to add the "Submit Software/image/etc page",
So i am having my own website in weebly which allows me only 10MB per File, and also I am link with mediafire, 2shared, 4shared etc hosting service, But what i need is that the user can browse their file and then they can submit me,
Which will directly upload to the website/hosting service.

Reason: i create mail sender and it's work, but it did not work when I send the exe file to someone as gmail pop up error.

So Is there any way so that I can create upload manager?
And the 2nd thing is that I don't let the user to know the Link.

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I don't think you are allowed to send .exe files via email. That's why all of them are zipped.

yeah, i know that.
i.e. the reason that i want to create uploader, so that I can upload any exe file to any hosting website.

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