vb.net project shifted from one pc to another pc.project includes some private dlls.I include those dlls and some activex controls are linked with these dlls.At the time of loading form it is throwing some exception.when I create controls.It is running well,But after creating exe file.It is showing error file not found

I don't know solution for your thread and it also seems you are describing half.

So this is Suggestion:
have you placed all the dll with it so?
if no, then please try..., For examples in same directory as exe file

This can be one of reason, i am not sure, i am just saying to try if work then your good luck.

Thing is at the time of Debugging it is not throwing error but after making set up and installation.when i run it is throwing Error "Unhandled Exception has occurred in your application.if you click Continue,the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.If you click Quit,the application will close immediately" plz help

I am creating setup from visual studio 2010

So can you elaborate your error?
so that i can understand on it.

Also check that both machines are running the same framwork version.

they are in same version...after making set up..whn i run exe file it is giving error..file not found..if i go in details..system.windows.forms(args)..and so many errors are lined up..

Which program are you using to make the setup file?
Also make sure you are not trying to load a file during startup, referencing a file from form load that doesn't exist yet.

actually i have the old set up..that works perfectly..my code is running perfectly..but when i make set up..and included files and all..it is throwing error..is there something wrong in building set up..

Well, in this you can analyze the installation scripts and find the differences.