I'm about to create my project to present at the end of my courses in computer science department. In that case i need your help as the world programmers. I want to ask you how i can get to the best skill to use in my war of build my system. I suppose to work on software development and online services(Transaction and Communication). The help i need for all of you is to help me to know the way i can follow to rich to the end of my work. You can give me help of ideas, codes and links to get me to the right answers. Even if in our schools in Africa we don't get more skills from class and even practices on codings, we get it from documentations. If you hear me you can get me to be more powerfull in coding and Web development. I wanna know more about HTML, PHP, C++ and Javascript. If its possible you can give me books, Sylabuses, Videos, Links or any other think can be helpfull to me.

I'm sorry to say it, but you really should work a bit on your grammar. You won't make far in the world of programming if you can't express yourself fluently in English.

Anyway, HTML/PHP/Javascript can all be learned at the same time. Pick a website you would to create and make sure you use HTML/PHP/Javscript to create it. It may sound harsh, but the best way to learn to program, is by programming. So pick a project and work on it. Do you need help, look in the documentaiton if that wasn't enough, ask.

I would use official documentation for as long as possible.