Hello everyone.
So I have started working on login system, yeah yet another mysql login system, boring right?
Well, i made it 'little advanced' not quite like adding mysql data library make username box and pw and ta da I want to share with you my login system.. No no no, this is way different as i can say.
Well first of all im not using mysql data librabry, then how is it mysql login system?!
I am using php scripts as backend for mysql database handling.
but still its not quite really really safe login system. i mean if someone decide to decompile app cant get mysql details info which is good since they are stored in php script not in application.
But still it has cases which i don't have idea how to solve, maybe someone will get better idea and help out!
Here are screens:

Cases i was talking about:

Data are keept in MySQL Database over PHP Backend Scripts:

Here is .exe if anyone want to test:

Now would anyone like to help me on this project and make it better?

since your db is safe, take this code :
and store it in your databade, on your login button event, download this code and execute it. how to do so ?
check "CodeDom"
and here's a Link Click Here

Nah its not good solution, also im planing to move reg and login forms into dll :)

dlls files are editable and hackable and within reach but my solution is unreachable, did you try it? is it hard ?
anyways good luck :)

yeah its hard for me i dont understand it :/