hi.. i am creating as program that needs to generate a batch. for example i added job that has a batch range of 001-100, it is a must that all of the number greater and less than one hundred are included. and i don't know how.

Please help. need it badly

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Your question is unclear. Are you trying to write a batch script? If so, you should probably post it in "Shell Scripting".

am sorry for being unclear. what i am trying to say is that, i am creating a report system(data encoding process) that includes adding jobs, checking jobs., and my problem is in adding jobs, if i am going to add a job, i should also add a batch, example:

**Batch No : 001-100**
Priority : Set
Type     : Entry

the batch no is my problem, i need to display all those batch(job) that included in the numbers 001-100(002-99), just like that.

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