Anyone know where to BUY (not steal) this eBook? I don't want paperback because they are too difficult for me to read. I'd rather have eBook or PDF version so that I can change the font size to whatever I want. I've looked at Addison-Wesley web site but don't see it. I've looked at anothere site and all they have are used copies of paperback books. The only thing google shows me is illegal downloads.

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It doesn't look like the publisher put out a legit ebook. For a 2001 edition, ebook versions weren't so common.


Well, as you probably know, the author (Andrew Koenig) of that book used to be quite active here on Daniweb, see his profile. I would suggest you ask him directly. And as far as buy vs steal, you could just get the unofficial ebook, and wire (e.g., PayPal) some money to Mr. Koenig or his wife.

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