Hi,I want to come up with an online booking system for vehicles in a certain institution.right now am stuck coz am not sure how to go about the many approvals needed before the booking.e.g approval from the dvc/aa,finance,the head of department.there is also diffent kinds of booking e.g staff,students,academic trips etc.i have been adviced to use PHP for easy connection of the database.i really need to have the interface atleast to start with.please help...,Regards.

We are willing to help you, but you'll need to show what you've done already, and give us more specific about what help you need.

  • What have you done so far? Do you have a plan for how to do it? Have you thought out what the main data structures and database tables you'll need are?

  • Is this for a school assignment or a real-world project? If the latter, is there already a system in place which you would need to either incorporate or replace, and if there is, do you need to migrate any existing data to your new system?

  • You mention that PHP was recommended as the implementation language for at least part of the project. What languages are you already familiar with, and is PHP one of them? If not, do you have time to learn enough of it for the project? What other options do you have for languages?

  • Do you know any web frameworks such as Zend, Django, or Rails, and would you be allowed to use one for the project?

  • What database engine do you mean to use? Do you have experience with the DBMS in question, and if not, do you have time to learn enough of it for the project?

  • Who would be the users of the system, the company representatives, or the customers themselves, or both?

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