hi i am building a gui base chat server with multi users
using remote = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(url)
can any one tell how will i remove a user in the list ..and to make a private chat from the user in the list..thax

I (being a novice python programmer) would use a loop for your problem. try something like this:

user1 = 'user'
user1loop = 1
while user1loop = 1:
#some more code here to allow them to use the chat server

... later you would put in an option to perform an action to that user

print 'who would you like to boot?'
print '1) user1'
print '2) user2'
print '3)user3'
print ' 4) the rest of the users'

choice = 0
choice = input('choice: ')
if choice == 1:
        user1loop = 0
elif choice == 2:
        user2loop = 0
elif choic == 3:
        user3loop = 0
elif choice == 4:
        therestofthepeopleloop = 0

I hope this helps you. I have not tried this out and I hope it works!