Ive save my image on the resources folder abd i want to load picture on picbox... i used this method

image1.load(Application.startUpPath+ "\sub" & 1 &".png"

my problem is that.. there is an error on my location

What is the perfect way of constructing that statement

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Where did you want to post this? Let us know and we'll move it to the right forum - it doesn't belong in the community center.

The application startup path is not the location of your resources folder.
here's a better way to do it:

image1.image = my.resources.yourImageName

If you already attached your pictures to the resorce in your application you can use image1.image = my.resources.yourImageName.
if not, in Load method define the file name with proper file location path.

Can you kindly post here the error so that it could be easy to spot the problem. Please post the error as is.

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