hello guys,please i need some help .I have many folders that contains images .I have to store these folders in my database .And then use these images.Please i want an advice to know how to start .it's my first program of that type =( and i'm using Vb.net and Sql 2008.

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What are you exact requirements? You could store the path to the images in the database, leaving your folder set up as it is. A search of the database will then return a URI pointing to the image.
Or you could store the images themselves in the database and remove the need for the directory structure.
Which one is closest to your goal?

the situation is :i have many old books stored in folders on my desktop .I want to make a software with vb.net to manipulate and see these images and crop zoom....each image is a book page .
i hope that the idea come clear .Thanks

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