I want to download c++ (one with blue screen) Please give me some idea for how to download.

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If you want a free modern IDE to write programs for any computer that was manufactured less than 20 years ago, then you can get CodeBlocks (light-weight and simple, use the download with TDM-GCC 4.8.1) or Visual Studio Express (heavier and more complicated IDE).

If you want to learn C++, then TurboC++ is a really terrible compiler to use because it is pre-standard (came out before the first C++ standard), meaning that you will learn a primitive pseudo-C++ dialect that is not standard, that's a really bad start.


Thanks for your replies. But I have already tried to download it from 'the crazy programmer' but it doesn't work. Actually, I'm and I want it for the school project.


Yes, we are supposed to use Turbo C++. Please give some links for that.
I have tried with malavida.com, thecrazyprogrammer, code with C, softpedia, softonic and many more....
Plese help!!!

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