Hello forum
I have a question, is there any way how to make a software on vb which after uploading a pic into the software or clicking a button. it uploads the pic somewhere and get the link of the photo.

and also would be great if could be able to set pixels of the photo to a static one, not big or small. :D

link like this : http://i.gyazo.com/bdc60fc6371877dcc5c70351009d4f04.png

and not like this : http://gyazo.com/bdc60fc6371877dcc5c70351009d4f04

so any suggestion?

I dont want to slow my database down at db4free.net by uploading pictures in it. so I want to make a code which upload the pic somewhere get the link, and after simple code upload it.

then with an other code get the pic into the picture box

I know how to make upload to database link and get the code back filling into the image. but dont know how to upload the pic and get the link.

i guess you can use vb.net email system so whenever user will upload the picture you will get attachment via email. or you can take a free hosting and add ftp as hidden and when ever user upload picture the ftp will take the file from testbox and upload it on your website via ftp. try something like this becz i guess directly you can not post picture and generate link from online picture sharing websites so better you make your own

well I fixed this time ago. but wont mark this as solved yet because dont know how to do this for windows phone app

oh ok no problem

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