Hi there, does anyone know a best way to send a long string to a web service with the address for eg. "" at port 8080?

Can use HttpWebRequest? Or use TcpClient to send the string to the service address? Or is there any other better way to do so? This is really a tough prob for me, having prob in a proj now.
Actually i need to send a SOAP string to the SOAP server with the address as told, but not sure how to do that. Hope that someone can help me thru. "" is actually the xml definition file to interprete the soap string received.
Thanks in advance.


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TcpClient is for raw socket access and isn't convenient. HttpWebRequest is possible but you have to code all the SML and SOAP parsing, composing code. Best way to do this is to consume the webservice using VS.Net's Porject->Add Web Reference menu and let the wizard create the code for calling SOAP meathods.

Loren Soth

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