Just wanted to know if anyone on DaniWeb is using or at least experimenting with Go.

I had a very quick look at the tutorial. Looks like a cross between JavaScript and C.

@DaveAmour, well Go is a "curly brace" language. You are right, Go incorporates concepts of C and JavaScripts, but goes much further. Modern computers have multiple cores and Go can easily parallelize processes across multiple CPU cores using channels to communicate. In other words, parallel computing is built into Go.

Sounds good and I think this is already in modern .net langugaes too with the relativeley new parallelization classes and methods.

Have you been using Go or just looking into it?

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I would use it for web dev, but it still isn't mature enough to jump ship just yet. I'm waiting because I have no doubt it soon will be.

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Sounds good and I think this is already in modern .net langugaes too with the relativeley new parallelization classes and methods.

Parallelization in dotnet and java is a failed experiment. Dotnet and java are cooked technologies or soon will be.

Thanks iamtwee, that was a valuable contribution. I shall stop coding in C# immediatley. I do have an interview tomorrow paying £400 per day but I shall ring and cancel straight away. Thanks for your advice!

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Hey Dave that's cool.

I'm sure the flash developers said the same thing once. There's already a stir in the programming world regarding java and it uselessness.


Since dotnet resides in pretty much the same domain it wouldn't surprise me on its eventual downfall. Which will happen btw.

Good luck for your interview.

I'm cancelling my interview, can you not read?

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Do you have any solid counter arguments rather than passive aggressive sarcasm? Just wondering?

Counter arguments suggests that you put forward an argument. I didn't see any, I just saw oppinion.

If you want to put forward an actual argument feel free to start a thread on that and I shall give it some consideration. This thread is supposed to be about Go so let's not hijack it.

Go was developed to speed up compile time, and to address the modern computing environment.

C++ has this nightmare of headerfiles themselves including headerfiles that leads to much redundancy and slows down compile time. Go has a much cleaner approach and a very fast compiler. On very large programs the folks at Google have gone from close to an hour compiling C++ code to just a few seconds with Go code.

According to Rob Pike (one of the Go designers) from Google.

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