Little League Batting Average Windows Application: Finds the avg batting average of the starting line-up of nine little league baseball players.

The user enters the present batting avg of each of the nine players to compute the team batting avg.
1.The user clicks the Enter Batting Averages button to enter the batting avg for each players.
2.Each batting avg is displayed in a Listbox object.
3.After the nine batting avgs are entered, the team batting average is displayed.
4.A File menu contains a Clear adn an Exit option. The Clear menu item clears the team batting avg and the nin batting avgs. The Exit menu item closes the application
5.If the user clicks the Cancel button after entering one but before entering nine players' batting avgs, use the batting avgs the user entered for the calculations.
6.If the user clicks the Cancel button before entering any batting avgs, display an appropriate message.
7.The application allows decimal entries.

1.The result should go out 3 decimal places.
2.Non-numeric values should not be accepted.
3.Negative numbers should not be accepted.

Case definition:
1.In an InputBox object, the user enters up to nine values, one at a time, representing batting avgs of the team.
2.If value is non-numeric or negative, program asks for the batting avg again.
3.Click the Clear menu item to clear the input and the result.
4.If click the Cancel button before entering 9 batting avgs, the program uses the batting avgs entered for calculations. If entered no batting avgs, a messagebox is displayed.

SO I'm really new to Visual Basic, most of the students in class have taken C++, so that already know the basic to coding. I know a few of the assignment; however, I have no idea on baseball and the calculations that goes with this assignment or how to start it...Please Help me!!

You start by creating a form with some controls. When you get to the part where you have to add code for the calculations just put in things like

'calculate batting averages

When you get to that point you can ask again. We are not going to create this for you from scratch. You have to put in some effort first.

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