I recently started to develop a project under visual studio 2015 on my windows 10 machine.
I zipped it up and moved it to my windows 7 machine (physical not VM), also visual studio 2015.
All it is, is a helper class for reading and writing to the registry.

On my windows 10 machine it reads and writes very fast, but on my windows 7 machine it is much slower, like 3 to 4 seconds to complete a read and write, where my win 10 is seemingly instantanious.

It is a C# Console application.

Just wondering if anyone has come across such an issue and has any suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

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Thank you kindly for your response, I think it was mostly antivirus software in the end, excluded it and it is much better.

If I could give another thumbs up, I certainly would.

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