I recently started to develop a project under visual studio 2015 on my windows 10 machine.
I zipped it up and moved it to my windows 7 machine (physical not VM), also visual studio 2015.
All it is, is a helper class for reading and writing to the registry.

On my windows 10 machine it reads and writes very fast, but on my windows 7 machine it is much slower, like 3 to 4 seconds to complete a read and write, where my win 10 is seemingly instantanious.

It is a C# Console application.

Just wondering if anyone has come across such an issue and has any suggestions?

Thanks for reading.

Well, yes. Since you noted registry I dug up this old thing. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20060222-11/?p=32193
That's 200,000 cycles so here I notice W10 to be more spry in that area. You may also see changes in .NET CLR performance across platforms. Not to mention other things like CPU, RAM, HDD and an antivirus that examines registry access.

Wish it was one thing, but it's not.

Thank you kindly for your response, I think it was mostly antivirus software in the end, excluded it and it is much better.

If I could give another thumbs up, I certainly would.

Glad you found it was one of the usual.