Hello, good day to all

I hope this the right section to post the thread.

I just upgraded my win 7 ultimate to win 10 pro lately, and i got a problem about UAC.

I have 3 user account on my windows 2 local user and the elevated built-in admin account.
I am using the admin account, but when i open programs thats need elevation, the UAC pops-up for confirmation.
On my old win 7 this doesnt happen before the upgrade.

And BTW when i copy-paste or modify files on windows folder or any folder that has restriction like system32, it will prompt me "youll need to administrator permission to blah.."

Is someone here knows the solution.

I will appreciate for any help will come.
Thank you

Just turn off UAC in control panel if that's how you want it.

Or try searching "UAC" in windows search to get to its setting.

Turning off the UAC will also allow standard user to execute program with elevation, and that is not an ideal solution.

Open local security policy, on the security option on the local policies, disable the "User Account Control:Admin approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account".

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